LadurEe's Exquisiteness Reinvented
We adopted the LadurEe identity to create a sophisticated and distinctive new palette: fresh mint, gold, creamy and powdery tones. You are most welcome to take a promenade through the authentic French locations. We could not avoid the major landmark of Paris, the Eiffel Tower, so it became the heart of our garden’s decor. A veritable floral boutique was flooded with hundreds of palette-matching fresh flowers. The smell of freshly baked croissants and baguettes reached the guests straight from the Parisian bakery. The guests could rest under the sunshades of the HElEne et les garCons summer cafE and enjoy the festive spirit.
In the evening, the guests were welcomed into the Cabaret Hall, an actual indoor club created in one of the residence buildings. The venue was set in red tones, had a chamber atmosphere with two-tiered chandeliers of crystal that shimmered like precious rubies. Quite every decorative element upheld the style of this night-time Parisian landmark and provided a bourgeois chic aesthetic.
Planner: Khrapov Team
Photo: Galina Nabatnikova
Video: Alexander Romanov

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