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Christmas Fairy Tale Party
The Christmas fairy-tale, where fiction and reality, fabulous scenery and modern design are tightly bound together
Our project was inspired by Russian fairy-tales and traditional national crafts. The guests entered a sparkling Terem palace, with a snow-white Christmas tree in its center. The tree was lavishly adorned with crystal icicles and Christmas decorations made of Swarovski crystals and carved Christmas tree windows, which magically opened their shutters. The decoration of the Terem palace had modern Russian carvings and ornaments created by our artist — this style interpretation could be found in every single detail. Every element in the arrangement had a frost pattern, and the soft candle glow filled the space with warmth and coziness.
We used both traditional themes and modern digital technologies to create the exterior decorations. Our fairytale was full of memorable moments: merry fair, ice show, joyful pie rides out of the glazed tile stove, Baba Yaga’s hut on the chicken legs, and the Golden Cockerel calling to announce the start of further activities. And magical holiday fireworks topped the evening. This was a truly special project for our team that we tackled with much love.
Photo: Denis Shumov, Sergey Outrush, Vasiliy Papushnikov
Video: Oleg Shel

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