Azulejo Inspired wedding
Inspired by the Flair of Portuguese Art
Azulejo. When we hear this word, we are instantly teleported to the Atlantic coast. We have long wanted to design a project in an authentic typical Portuguese art style, and now we are delighted to share it with you.The signature pattern that linked all zones of our wedding seized the attention of our guests with its flair. Lush soft blue and blue hydrangea encurled creating a delicate gradient against exclusive vases with Azulejo-inspired artwork. Exclusively for this event, we ordered an entire collection of vases to decorate all areas of the venue.
The ceremony area was located on the picturesque lakeside in the middle of a blooming park. It was immersed in greenery and scented with hydrangeas. Just as in sunny Portugal, the walkway was paved with painted Azulejo tiles. Here, in front of a shimmering blue greenhouse, the ultimate words of love were pronounced.
Planner: Wedding People
Venue: Villa Rotonda
Photo: Galina Nabatnikova

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